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Find answers to frequently asked questions.


Why should I register to apply for vacancies?

By registering at our website you have an option to access your account at any time and be aware about job openings on our website.


Can I use both Job Search and General submission tools?

Yes, you can use the Job Search tool to apply for various positions available online. As for the General submission tool, it allows you to submit your resume as it will be kept in our database for any future openings.


Can I apply for several different positions?

Yes, you can apply for different positions using your Registered Account details. Our system shows the various vacancies you applied for by using the same Registered Account details.


Can I recall my application?

Yes, if you have changed your mind or plans you can access your registered account online and remove your application for vacancies.


How can I ensure that my application was successful?

Once you submitted your application you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email confirming your application.

When should I expect an answer after the submission of my CV online?

Within 3 weeks our HR team will send you an email informing if your application has been shortlisted for the interview.


What is the recruitment process once my application has been shortlisted?

Once you received a confirmation email that your application has been shortlisted, our HR representative will contact you to arrange a phone or online video interview if you are located outside of UAE; alternatively if you are present in the UAE you will be invited for an interview with the HR Team at our offices.


What are the next steps after the interview with HR Team?

Within 3 weeks after the interview with HR Team you will receive an email informing whether your profile has been shortlisted or not for the next interview with the Hiring Manager.


I did not receive any emails, what should I do?

If you did not receive any email from the HR team within 3 weeks, it means that we are still in the process of reviewing other applications and we will get back to you shortly after.


How can I ensure that my application is confidential?

Your application is strictly protected from the access of external parties, and only HR team at Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition will be able to review it. Our HR team will share your application with the Hiring Manager only if you are a potential candidate to join our team.