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Our leadership model

The Danone Leadership Model: CODE

Leadership at Danone is a mindset to take action in order to solve problems or to make something move forward.

The Danone Leadership CODE describes four qualities that can enable all of us to develop our leadership abilities:Comitted Open Doer Empowered

  • COMMITTED is feeling positive and accountable about everything we do – giving 100% to Danone’s mission. Knowing that we can invent the future and make a difference!
  • To be OPEN is being real in how we listen, talk and build relationship with people, both inside and outside the company. It means being willing to learn. Being “open” means saying “yes” to new ideas or thinking of a different solution.
  • A DOER is proactive and can react quickly to new or unexpected situations. He or she helps the team to succeed and thinks “out of the box” to find the right solution.
  • EMPOWERED is an exciting feeling of self-confidence that says “yes, I can!” Danoners are encouraged to discover their talents and get the help they need to develop it. We support each other and appreciate our contributions.