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Nutricia's unique and extensive product portfolio has been developed and tailored to address the unmet needs of patients across all age-ranges and in all care environments, and to give health care professionals the scope to select nutritional options that are accurately targeted to support specific dietary management regimes and to enhance patient recovery.

Both in innovation and in production and distribution, Nutricia has learned to be highly flexible, to match the many requirements and demands of regulators, opinion leaders, specialists and doctors, and to ensure delivery of the best possible clinical outcomes for patients.

Nutrition for Adults & Elderly

The frail and elderly quickly lose appetite, are so are particularly susceptible to malnutrition. Without adequate and specialised nutrition, they lose the strength and energy that allows them to enjoy life and remain independent.

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Paediatric Nutrition

Nutricia is a leader in age-appropriate specialised nutrition for the youngest and most vulnerable. We partner with paediatricians and experts in the field to develop solutions for children who experience difficulties with conventional food, or who are not growing well.

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Critical and Supportive care

Tube Nutrition is the nutritional support performed specifically via nasogastric, nasoenteral or percutaneous tubes. Tube Nutrition is used to feed patients who cannot attain an adequate oral intake from food or oral nutritional supplements, or who cannot eat or drink in a safe way [1,2]

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Metabolic Disorder Nutrition

The Metabolic Control category - as part of Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition - has the vision to be the leading and trusted partner for life to all metabolic patients worldwide and their families.