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FAQ Nutilis Powder

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Frequently asked questions about Nutilis Powder.

Are there any contra-indications for Nutilis Complete?

Nutilis Complete is suitable for patients > 3 years old.

How can I accomplish the best result in thickening drinks?

Please use the tips for mixing Nutilis, which can be found on the patients website :

Is it possible to heat drinks and foods that are thickened with Nutilis Powder?

Yes, food and drinks can be treated normally: chilled, frozen and (re)heated

Is Nutilis Powder suitable for all kinds of drinks?

Yes, Nutilis Powder can be added to all types of hot and cold drinks and is also suitable for nutritional supplements and pureed food without changing their taste.

Is Nutilis powder suitable for all stages of dysphagia?

Yes, depending on the number of scoops used, a wide range of viscosities can be achieved. Nutricia has a thickening chart that can be used to check the number of scoops that are needed to achieve the different viscosities in different drinks.