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FAQ Nutilis Aqua

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Frequently asked questions about Nutilis Aqua.

Can Nutilis Aqua be frozen?

Yes, that is possible. Be aware of the fact that after melting a small water layer can exist on top of the product. After stirring that will disappear.

For which stage of dysphagia is Nutilis Aqua?

Nutilis Aqua is a stage 2 (custard) viscosity. 

Is it possible to take Nutilis Aqua with medication?

As Nutilis Aqua hardly contains any nutrients, no interaction between medication and Nutilis Aqua are anticipated. Please consult with your healthcare professional.

Is Nutilis Aqua suitable to conduct a swallowing test safely?

Yes, Nutilis Aqua has a constant viscosity and is available in different contrasting colours, which makes it easy to use in a swallowing test. Because it consists of 98% water and hardly contains any nutrients it is a safe product for a swallowing test.

What is the composition of Nutilis Aqua?

Nutilis Aqua is pre-thickened flavoured water for additional hydration. It consists of  98% of water and is sugar-free. It is thickened with a combination of starch and gums (locust bean gum, xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan). One pot contains 7 kcal and 71 mg sodium.

Why should I use Nutilis Aqua instead of thickening water?

Nutilis Aqua is a ready-to-use pre-thickened water with a constant viscosity. It is available in 3 great tasting flavours.