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How does Nutilis work?

The availability of our products and their conditions of sale may differ depending on the country you are in. Please get in touch with your local Middle East & South East Asia distributors.

Nutilis products are designed to thicken food and fluids or are already pre-thickened to an optimum viscosity in order to ensure a safer swallow for dysphagia patients.

Food and fluid texture consistency

An adapted diet, which includes a texture modification of food and fluids, is part of the management of dysphagia. Making food and drinks easier to swallow helps to reduce the risk of aspiration, malnutrition and dehydration.

In order to ensure a safer swallow for dysphagia patients, Nutilis products either:

  • Thicken foods and fluids to optimum swallowing viscosity, or
  • Are pre-thickened to a specific viscosity

To be closer of each patient’s needs, Nutilis provides a range of products available in three levels of viscosity:

  • Syrup consistency (stage 1) - Nutilis Powder, Nutilis Clear, Nutilis Complete
  • Custard consistency (stage 2) - Nutilis Powder, Nutilis Clear, Nutilis Aqua
  • Semi-solid consistency (stage 3) - Nutilis Powder, Nutilis Clear

Each patient should be treated individually and be assessed by healthcare professional. 

Amylase resistant properties for a safer swallow.

Dysphagia - Amylase resistant features

Standard starch-based thickening powders are sensitive to the amylase enzyme in saliva in the mouth, which may lead to the consistency thinning and patients not receiving the safe prescribed viscosity5. This may result in choking, aspiration, aspiration pneumonia but also fear and distress3,4.


Nutilis products are designed with amylase-resistant features so they maintain their consistency much better once in contact with human saliva compared to standard starch. Therefore the use of texture modified foods and drinks with amylase resistant features supports safer swallowing for patients with dysphagia. 



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