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Latest Innovations

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From Supportive to Therapeutic Nutrition - The future in Medical Nutrition.

Our research is has built on our expertise in Supportive Nutrition, and movestowards the potential for nutrient-based science in clinical therapy. Beyond the special dietary support of malnourished patients, we want to develop nutrition that helps address disease symptoms, reduce the risk of complications, or even delay the progression of disease.



Our long-standing research project on Alzheimer’s Disease is a recent example of this expanded horizon. Over a period of 10 years, we have built up in-depth expertise in the role of nutrients in brain function. Numerous preclinical studies in collaboration with leading scientific experts worldwide have now resulted in a product concept for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  The product includes a synergistic combination of active nutrients designed to support synapse formation in the brain. An extensive clinical trial programme is in place, and the results of the first proof-of-concept study showing improved memory in mild and very mild Alzheimer’s patients are very encouraging. In due course, this innovation may be brought to market under the brand name Souvenaid.



We have recently achieved significant advances in the field of dysphagia with Nutilis, a thickening powder that has amylaseresistance features for patients with swallowing disorders. Thickening liquid foods reduces the risk of choking and thus promotes safer swallowing. The challenge was to give the starch-based powder improved amylaseresistance in the mouth. Our technologists designed a new concept using their fundamental understanding of the physico-chemical and rheological properties of hydrocolloids and their interactions. The safety of Nutilis has been confirmed in a tolerance trial, while in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies demonstrated a better-maintained consistency of foods in the mouth.



One of our greatest challenges in helping very sick or very elderly patients is to address their lack of appetite. Their inability to eat in sufficient quantity leads to a 'protein gap' and eventual undernutrition. To address this compliance issue, we developed the 'Compact' concept for our Fortimel, Fortisip and Nutridrink brands, offering more nutrition per ml than any other standard oral nutritional supplement - a nutritionally complete formulation packing 12g of protein and 300kcal into one 125ml bottle. With the most nutrition in the smallest bottle, Compact is a breakthrough for vulnerable patients and those who care for them.